Powergamer is our solution to a few different problems in the gaming industry.

Freedom of speech & censorship There are worrying signs on social media. Voices are silenced because the owners of the platforms (and admins and/or moderators) apply their personal values as reasons for blatant censorship. Reddit and Twitter are two very good examples. We want Powergamer to be a haven for people who value freedom of expression and thought, and the only way to do that is to be in full control of our own community.

Flawed review systems The problem with traditional user rating systems is that it often results in extremes. Most people choose 0 or 10, and few pick anything in between. This results in user ratings being distorted when compared to critic reviews. Traditional user review systems are also pretty bad at distinguishing between games of certain categories or budgets. We want to change that and find a better way to rate games using community reviews.

Outdated ways of monetising We hate advertisement and any form of passive one-way promotion. Because of this you will never see ads on Powergamer, and the only way for anyone to self-promote something on our platform is to do an AMA. That way the community can ask questions and get involved. To request an AMA, PM one of the admins or email [email protected]


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