Ethics & Transparency

The trust of our users and readers is the foundation upon which Powergamer is built. We expect our community, moderators and authors to hold to this code of ethics to ensure that this trust remains strong and to ensure that the ideals that Powergamer has been formed on are not eroded.

Staff Conduct

Any personal or professional ties which may call into question the impartiality of any member of Powergamer’s staff must be disclosed to the admin team. Where necessary, the member of staff in question will recuse themselves from covering the topic in question and any related coverage. Under no circumstances should a member of the Powergamer staff provide favorable or otherwise biased coverage for personal or financial gain, regardless of what medium the coverage is provided by (reviews, posts, articles, etc).

Under no circumstances should a member of the Powergamer staff plagiarize or otherwise copy another author’s work without express permission. In cases where a member of the Powergamer staff is shown to have plagiarized work, they will be barred from contributing any further content to the site.

Powergamer staff may hold subjective personal opinions that readers may or may not find agreeable. These subjective personal opinions are limited to forum posts and reviews. These opinions are not presented as fact. We welcome opposing viewpoints on our site, and highly recommend that aspiring writers who wish to form a rebuttal to one of our articles contribute a piece for publishing via the standard channels.

Review Materials

From time to time, publishers/vendors may provide Powergamer with material for the purposes of analysis and review. Powergamer will not accept financial, personal nor editorial assistance in providing analysis or review of any materials. Powergamer users are permitted to review the following:

  • Full game releases (preview/beta code is not permitted)
  • Add-on material (DLC/expansion packs)
  • Hardware (any physical items as long as they are relevant to gaming)
  • Industry events/expos (where accommodation or travel assistance is provided by a host in order to allow us to provide content to the reader - this must be disclosed on the review in question)


Powergamer is not funded by advertisers. Adverts appearing on social media or other sites are not representative of Powergamer views or policies and the site gains no financial benefit from these.